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Breathe life into your brand.

Breathe life into your brand.

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In an age where every impression matters, now more than ever, your company’s online presence is making an impact. At Gray Marketing, we will find the right channels and the right audience to drive sales and grow your business at the lowest cost.


Community Management

Who are your customers? Where do they hang out? What else do they like and how should you get involved with other organizations, businesses, events, online communities or even mobile apps? With consumer research and creativity, we can dial in to the most effective collaboration to support your existing customers and gain new ones.


From content creation and Facebook Page design and layout, a fully-branded Page will help your business create and manage a dialogue between your customers that will help them easily purchase off your Page, take advantage of deals, and get real-time feedback.

Facebook Ads are at the top of the social media marketing pyramid for good reason. With over 2.0 billion users, we can define and target ads to audiences that convert.


Understanding and differentiating Instagram from other social media platforms is paramount to utilizing the incredible power of influencer marketing. We provide out-of-the-box creative strategies to make your Instagram account stand out. We create custom content calendars and influencer-outreach to attract the right people to your business and grow your brand.


We test the right keywords and terms to make your Google Ads effective. We understand the algorithms that Google uses to show your website to the right audience. Effective targeting is time-consuming and tedious, which often leads to a general strategy that leads to hundreds of clicks, but low conversions. We can take care of your SEO, keyword research, Google Ads and YouTube Ads so you can get back to running your business.

Add a Video

The Home Page template includes a section for a video, along with a bit of content.

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