Gray Marketing is a social media and digital marketing agency run by Genevieve Gray.

While finishing her BA Communication from Simon Fraser University, Genevieve fell in love with social entrepreneurship after joining Young Women in Business (YWiB SFU Chapter) and began blogging for a local natural skin care company that led to an early career in digital marketing.

Since 2012, Genevieve has worked for various local start-ups in the health and wellness industry and has expertise in social media content strategy, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Ads and Instagram Ads. With a combination of audience research and targeting and creative, compelling content, Genevieve has drawn thousands of eyes off of social media and onto landing pages.

“The key to social media advertising is to be seamless in the newsfeed. Give people content that they enjoy reading or watching, and let them come to¬†you.¬†I always put myself in the shoes of my target audience when I create content. The truth is, none of us want to be advertised to online. We want to interact with the people and organizations we care about. Ads that can speak to my existing interests naturally grab my attention. And once a company has your attention, they win.”